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Pothole and Asphalt Repair Services

The first experience that a customer has at your business is going to be their drive into your parking lot. This isn’t just a place for first impressions, but it’s also a place where potholes and aged surfaces can annoy drivers, damage their vehicles, and even cause accidents!


Our Service Area

We operate throughout the State of Florida as well as into the State of Georgia. Our main offices and garage facilities are strategically located throughout the region and this allows us to serve you best. Here are just a few of the major cities where we operate.

  • Miami/Ft Lauderdale
  • Tampa
  • Orlando
  • Jacksonville
Florida Striping and Painting Coverage Map

Save Money By Repairing Early!

Your parking lot is an asset to your business and over time it will eventually deteriorate and need to be redone. Making small pothole repairs and crack repairs to your asphalt will help to greatly extend the life of your parking lot and save you money. We also offer Seal Coating, which is another step that you can take to extend the life of your parking lot’s surface.

Our Crews

We started our business in Florida and have expanded to operate throughout the southeast region of the US. We have local work crews that are dependable and have the knowledge of how to repair your parking lot to achieve the most longevity. Using experience and industry knowledge is key to getting each repair done right, no matter what type of conditions you expect. The solutions that we use in Miami where the weather is warm all year can sometimes be different than what we do in Georgia where snowfall is not uncommon.

Our Equipment

pothole repair

At Countryside Property Maintenance we have all of the equipment that is needed to repair a pothole with HOT asphalt. This means that we can do everything quickly and efficiently from saw cutting, tacking, and prepping the area, to filling it and tamping the repaired asphalt surface.


I need repairs done NOW, how soon can you be here?
Repair services can be done within 24 hours of approval.

How much does it cost to have my lot repaired?
We can repair your lot for as low as $75 per pothole.

Does sealcoating help to prevent potholes?
Yes, the material used in sealcoating helps to bind your parking lot’s surface together and this increases longevity.

Here is a list of additional services that we can provide for your business…