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Our porters are trained to report any issues on a property and respond quickly.

Porters perform an invaluable way to control property maintenance costs. Country side power sweeping offers porter services on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Litter Removal:  Remove all debris from sidewalks, parking lot, common areas and landscaped beds including the rear of property and ponds.

Cobweb Removal: Remove all cobwebs from ceiling, window sills and light fixtures. Remove wasp nests and beehives, etc.

Cigarette Urns:  Empty cigarette urns on each service.

Dusting:  Clean all window sills from dust, light fixtures, vendor machines, and more.

Vacant Cleaning : Sweeping entrances front and rear, filling plumbing with fresh water, window cleaning.

Handyman : On staff handyman and maintenance services provided to help lower the cost of spending.

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