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Parking Lot Striping

Countryside Property Maintenance is here to make your parking lot look like new and keep your business looking sharp and presentable!

parking lot striping machine

We provide services throughout the Southeast US including all of the State of Florida, and we have an experienced staff that is trained to help property owners maintain their assets efficiently. Our lot painting services include:

  • Lot Striping and Restriping
  • Lane Painting
  • Parking Designation Markings
  • Crosswalk Painting
  • Special or Customized Road Markings


Our Service Area

We operate throughout the State of Florida as well as into the State of Georgia. Our main offices and garage facilities are strategically located throughout the region and this allows us to serve you best. Here are just a few of the major cities where we operate.

  • Miami/Ft Lauderdale
  • Tampa
  • Orlando
  • Jacksonville
Florida Striping and Painting Coverage Map

Restriping Cost

The cost for restriping will depend upon the size of your parking lot and the number of spaces that must be repainted. A typical small business parking lot with room for 30 cars can be priced as low as $450.00. Our customers also include large shopping mall and arena parking lots and these jobs are priced at a lower aggregate rate per spot.

We also have a list of other parking lot maintenance services that we provide that includes parking lot sweeping and seal coating.


Do I need to get my parking lot resealed before re-painting the spaces?

We typically do seal coating and repainting together. The sealing helps to protect your parking lot and provide a blank surface for repainting. However, we can provide this service as a stand alone service if you do not want sealcoating.

What kind of paint do we use to line parking lots?

The paint that we use is a waterborne acrylic alkyd striping paint that meets the highest VOC standards.

How often to most public buildings get their parking lots restriped?

We recommend parking lot striping once per year.

Can we restripe inside of parking garages?

Yes, we use a walk-behind striping machine that allows us to paint inside of parking garages.